Hey! You are back again. You probably read the previous article of DCT, What are the Most Popular Online Casino Games at DCT?” and are looking for 5 Famous Online Casino Games You Can Only Play Here! Good for you! This article will tackle the five famous casino games of DCT Casino.

1.Super Ace 

Super Ace is a Slot Game, meaning it is a game of chance. There are 1024 ways to win this game, with as little as Php 0.5 minimum bet that gives players ample opportunity to a higher chance of winning. It is a game by JILI with 800,000 players. Try now the DCT Slots Game Online.  Its unique features are:

Innovative Design 

The interface is meticulously designed. Expect to see the traditional symbols of slots, such as fruits, tokens, poker chips, and more.

Endless Free Games 

Free play allows players to have a chance to win jackpot prizes and bet for as long as they can for free.

Compatibility with all platforms 

Windows, Android, Mac, and HTML5-supported.

2. Mega Fishing 

It is a fishing game powered by Jili, played by 15,000 users. Winnings depend on how many sea creatures you catch, each with a different value. Mega Fishing is famous for its straightforward gameplay and available power-ups that you may use to attain big winnings.  Its unique features are;

Flexible Game Room

It has considerate levels for Novice Players. There is a Newbie Room with Php 0.1 up to 10 maximum amount bet. Honor Room is for pro players with Php 10 up to 100 maximum amount bet. To elevate your fishing game, try the Joy Room with Php 1 up to 1000 maximum bet. 

Power-Ups and Rewards

This game has four power-ups, and players may use them to surely hit winnings. There are free power-ups players may use, and some are not.

Compatibility with all platforms

Windows, Android, Mac, and HTML5-supported.

3. iRich Bingo

iRich Bingo is a bingo game developed by Jili with 9,000 players. If you seek a game that emulates in-person bingo, try “iRich Bingo” for an exciting experience full of prizes and surprises. To play bingo, if a pay line is fully covered by another with higher odds, the highest odds prize will be awarded. Unique features include:

 Free Ball 

During extra ball purchases, there is a chance to get a free ball for the next play. 

Wild Ball 

Occasionally, a wild ball may show up after a draw, allowing the player to choose a number from 2 to 4 based on the highest amount of ready hands. 

Compatibility with all platforms 

Windows, Android, Mac, and HTML5 supported.

4. Crazy Time 

The most-played Live Casino at DCT is Crazy Time, powered by EVO, with nearly 9,00 players. It is popular due to its live dealers who host the game, making it interactive. Players can talk to the dealer during gameplay. Its unique features are:

Live Host

who announces prizes, multipliers, and winning numbers

Chat Feature

During the game, players can utilize the Live Chat Feature to interact with other players. 

Compatibility with all platforms 

Windows, Android, Mac, and HTML5 supported.

5. Sabong

Online Sabong is one of the traditional games of Filipinos. Our uncles, grandpas, and fathers are very into Sabong. Many will travel just to go to the cockpit arena, but now e-Sabong is accessible to everyone. This game is played by 20,027 Sabong enthusiasts, now made easy by DCT.

If you are interested and might want to know more about this, visit this link: https://dctcasinophilippines.ph/

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