Step 1: For mobile phone users, go to the Google Play Store and search for the DCT Casino App. To download, click the app icon, click the word “download,” and install the application. 

Step 2: Once the app is downloaded, go to the Home icon and click “Log in.” 

Step 3:  Go to the “Member” dashboard.  Click “Personal Information.” Step 4: Enter your Username, First name, Last name, Mobile number, and gender (choose between male or female). 

Step 4: Fill out payment information, including Member Account Type, Account Number, and Bank Account Holder. 

Step 5: Wait for a verification code that will be sent to your provided Mobile Number. Once you receive the verification code, type it in and click “Confirm.”

Step 6: After completing the required information, you will see that your account is now upgraded to Level 2. Congratulations, you made it to Level 2!

 What are you waiting for? Download and install the app now and get a welcome bonus.


How to register an account with DCT?

Step 1. Visit the DCT website by pasting the link into your browser and navigating to

Step  2. Locate the “Register” button (represented by the word “Magrehistro”) on the upper right side of the screen and click on it. 

Step 3. Fill in the required information, including: * Preferred username (containing at least 5 characters of letters, numbers, and symbols, such as @Alex18) 

* Create a password with at least 6-20 characters consisting of letters, numbers, and symbols, and re-type it to confirm. 

* Mobile Number (consisting of 11 numbers, starting with 9) * Referral code (optional, leave blank if not provided) 

* Verification code (copy and enter during registration) 

Step 4. Review all the information before clicking the “Register” button.

Step 5. After registration, click “Log in” to access your account. 

Step 6. Input your registered username and password to log in automatically. 

Step 7. If you forget your password, click “Forgot password” to recover your account.

Download and install the app now to receive a welcome bonus.  Indulge in online games and test your luck!

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