What are the laws concerning online gambling in the Philippines?

Online gambling in Philippines has become a renowned platform for entertainment, money-making, and convenience. 1.7 billion people worldwide are utilizing online gaming based on an article published by the Academy of Animated Art last January 16, 2024. 

The number of gamers is rapidly increasing, and many choose online gaming whenever they have leisure time. The pandemic brings about this phenomenon. Since the airborne virus infected and killed thousands of lives, people have decided to stay in confinement to avoid getting infected with COVID-19. 

In the Philippines, laws govern and regulate online gaming to maintain legal operation, transparency, and responsible gaming practices. In this article, we will tackle the Laws governing online gaming operations. We must know and be aware of these laws.

Presidential Decree No. 1602

What is this Decree all about? It is a decree focusing on “Penalizing Illegal Gambling”. The Government stiffened its claw to ensure the implementation and execution of the Decree. Combatting illegal operations is challenging since bettors are now playing online. 

The penalty for anyone guilty of participating in Online Gambling has also increased. Section 1 of this Decree mentions the punishments for anyone proven to be involved in illegal gambling. Refer to The Law Phil Project website to learn more about Presidential Decree No. 1602.

Republic Act No. 9287

What is this Act about? It is An Act Increasing the Penalties for Illegal Numbers Games, Amending Certain Provisions of Presidential Decree No. 1602, and for Other Purposes. The Government is doing the best it can to provide a quality life for its people, increase job opportunities, and alleviate poverty. That is why Illegal gambling is prohibited because it ingrains corruption in every player’s mind, online gambling has become one of their primary source of income, and people are relying on easy money making and devaluating “hard-earned money”. 

Section 3 of this Act states Punishable Acts committed by any person who participates in any illegal gambling.  Read more on this website by The Law Phil Project.

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)

PAGCOR issues licenses to owners and or operators of any gambling establishment. This is 100% controlled by the Government and is the major corporation that oversees and regulates all types of gambling including online games in the country. 

Licensing and regulation of online gambling operators in the Philippines

Licensing and regulation of online gambling operators in the Philippines are required. All online gambling owners and/or operators must have a license issued by PAGCOR to operate legally in the country. An operator must commit to protecting all players including their identity and personal information must be kept highly confidential.  

Restrictions and limitations for online gambling activities

Following these restrictions is imperative. Online gambling may operate, but with some limitations; for example, online cockfighting and Jueteng are prohibited. Cockfighting held at an arena is prohibited in the country. There are legal consequences and sanctions for anyone proven to be guilty or participated in any gambling activities.


In conclusion, anyone must be knowledgeable about the Laws and regulations governing Online Gambling operations. To protect and maintain responsible gaming practices operators must adhere to the policies and must have a license issued by PAGCOR. Anyone who has any knowledge and proof of illegal operations can submit a report to the authorities. 

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